“L’art [de la danse] est un grand fleuve qui doit s’écouler sans en oublier la source”. 

“The art [of dance] is a great river which must flow without forgetting its source”
Maurice Bejart
Our camps, which the first one will be held in Izmir in August 2021, aim to help Turkish students and dancers meet with different styles and methods of classical ballet and support their accessibility in Turkey.
By bringing the world ballet standard, knowledge and diversity at this level to Turkey, we aimed to help Turkish students and dancers to meet with the technical and terminological diversity that they may encounter in the event of receiving education or planning a career in the international platform, and create an awareness of themselves in adapting to studies with different approaches.


Siner Gönenç Boquin

International Guest Teacher

As a Turkish Ballet artist from Izmir, I have been teaching in many reputed professional ballet companies, academies and summer schools as a guest teacher in various countries since 2006. The best thing I have learn on this journey so far is that the learning process never ends. Knowledge enriches us in many ways. Other techniques, methods, the things we have tried and heard named differently only enrich and make our way.

Regardless of the school which we study classical ballet, we basically learn the same thing. The positions maybe slightly more open, maybe slightly higher or they called in different names and no matter where we come from, the classical ballet training we receive unites us in the same hall. Even though our accents are different, we find ourselves speaking the same language.

Today, there is no ballet community or ballet school at all in the western part of the world which is working solely with its own citizens. Many of the academies and national ballet companies exist with an international team of dancers and educators and improve themselves with the wealth
created by this diversity. Due to these reasons, today, especially schools have a great responsibility to train dancers who are capable to adapt to every technique and method when it’s needed.

There are many young dancers are trained in Turkey who are open to learn and willing to try what is happening out there of the borders of the country. Even if they have physical advantages, they are unfortunately not under equal circumstances with their western peers in achieving and reaching diversity.

Therefore, I am very happy that the idea of such an organization in Turkey will be a great occasion to share my experiences with the new generation of Turkish dancers that I have gained as an educator abroad and to encourage them as they deserve.

Aleksandra Kaner

Mayo Store

Spending big part of my live in Turkey and supplying the Turkish dancers with the international dancewear brands through my shops, I could observe the immense talent of Turkish ballet students and dancers.

Nevertheless, very often I was a witness of the struggles of these beautify dancers to succeed internationally. This made me aware of the need for structured organizations that could facilitated easier communication between Turkish dancers and the international ballet world. Therefore, my mission with this camp, as well as with my Mayo Store shops is to help Turkish ballet dancers and students to realize their potential without the constrains of national borders. I strongly believe that Turkish ballet students and dancers deserve a chance at international ballet careers, and they should not be at unfair disadvantages by not having available to them the best ballet equipment, education and consulting.

2021 Classical Ballet Summer Camp REGISTRATION AND CONTACT NUMBERS

Only a limited number of students will be admitted to the “2021 Classical Ballet Summer Camp” which will allow them to further develop their classical ballet technique and learn about education opportunities abroad.


The first 6 days
Classic Ballet
Point or Repertoire
Last Day
General Review and consulting the participants who are willing to study abroad.

Contact numbers for participation;

For Turkish dancers: 533 602 28 63

For international dancers: 533 613 28 60